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Ryan Dorton, CA


I really have to thank my community for giving me everything that I have today.  I am not originally from Medicine Hat, but this community provided an opportunity for me to obtain my Chartered Accountant designation.  I was blessed with the opportunity to meet my wife in Medicine Hat and we now have a beautiful family with children that are benefiting from the many opportunities that our community has to provide.  I am a partner at JMH & Co. and am thankful for the many great clients and friends that I have met over the years.  I would not be where I am today if others in the community had not found success for themselves.  For these reasons, and for many others, I believe in giving back to the community.  I hope that I can help to provide an opportunity for others to enjoy the many great things that our community has to offer.

One of my favorite experiences in our community was when I saw the impact that the Community Foundation had on our community through Random Act of Kindness Day.  I believe that the Community Foundation does many good things, and we hope to see the effect of our hard work over the course of many years.  That said, Random Act of Kindness day brought results immediately and it was fantastic to see many smiles that day.

I believe that a vibrant and caring community is truly important for all.  All members of the community should have an opportunity to excel in life, at work, and in recreation. These opportunities won’t necessarily happen without the contributions from our community leaders.  Take a look at Kidsport for example…can you imagine a life without sports and recreation?  Some of the less fortunate need help from other community members to enjoy these things.  We must join together and continue to build our community…today…tomorrow…forever!!