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At the Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta we are committed to supporting our communities. In order to address the immediate and urgent needs arising throughout our region, CFSEA is re-purposing the Spring 2020 granting funds. This shift will enable us to provide funds for frontline charitable organizations dealing with those most affected by the pandemic. The Community Foundation will work collaboratively with community partners, charities and municipal leaders throughout Southeastern Alberta to ensure a coordinated and responsible approach to help mitigate the impact of the pandemic on our community.

We encourage registered charities addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and serving vulnerable populations to apply for the second round of the Spring 2020 Re-purposing Grant.

To apply: please submit one electronic copy of your application form to admin@cfsea.ca by 4:30 pm on June 5th.



Considering these unprecedented times, CFSEA has also created a COVID-19 Response Fund for SE Alberta that will be distributed to local charities providing food and other essential services to our most vulnerable populations. These funds will provide much needed resources to help organizations with their response efforts on a medium to long-term basis. Again, we are working closely with municipal leaders, funders and community partners to determine the priorities and greatest needs in every community we serve. All donations will stay within your community and be used to help those with the greatest needs.

Between April 15th and May 31st, donations made to the response fund will be enhanced by the Government of Alberta’s Charitable Giving Donation Program.

Anyone can contribute to the community’s response to the pandemic through the Community Foundation. All donations received for the COVID-19 Response Fund for SE Alberta will go right back out to support the community. They will not be added to any permanently endowed funds. If you are interested in supporting the response fund, please contact Executive Director, Chris Christie at chris@cfsea.ca or 403-527-9038. You can also donate online through this link: https://bit.ly/CFSEA-COVIDfund – choose “COVID-19 Response Fund for SE Alberta” from the funds listed.

(Gifts over $25 are eligible for a tax-deductible donation receipt.)

The Community Foundation’s first priority is, and has always been, supporting a vibrant, healthy and caring community. Addressing the effects of the pandemic through the Response Fund for SE Alberta will help to ensure the continued health and well-being of Southeastern Alberta.

For more info: admin@cfsea.ca


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 We are practicing physical isolation but staying socially connected!