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The Mustard Seed Agency Fund

It was announced in the Fall of 2019 that The Champion Centre, the Oasis Café and Hope Street Compassionate Ministry would now be operating under the umbrella of The Mustard Seed.

The focus of the Mustard Seed is to reduce poverty and end homelessness in the cities where it serves.

Community Foundation donors Joanne and Glen Stickle saw the need for services that these organizations were providing in Medicine Hat.

“Glen and I are believers in our community and want to give back to help others. The Medicine Hat Mustard Seed will provide continuing support for those who need it most.” said Joanne.

Glen and Joanne Stickle established an open Agency Fund in partnership with The Mustard Seed to ensure ongoing support in reducing poverty and ending homelessness.

If you are interested in making a contribution to The Mustard Seed Agency Fund, contact our office.


Pictured from left to right:  Mustard Seed Managing Director Colette Eirich, Donors Glen & Joanne Stickle, Mustard Seed Fund Development Barry Knodel