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The Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta is grateful to have received a donation of $5,000 from Dunmore Equestrian Society’s (DES) President, Kelly Creasy, and his wife Sandy. This is the first donation to establish the Dunmore Equestrian Society Legacy Fund. The original donation to this fund is never spent, rather, the investment income earned each year is distributed back to their agency.

“Sandy and I are proud to be the first contributors to the DES Legacy Fund. We encourage the community to support the Dunmore Equestrian facility with ongoing funding. It is our dream that the Fund will keep the facility operating, improving, and providing community programs and services forever.” – Kelly Creasy, Dunmore Equestrian President

As an open endowment fund held within the Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta, donations made to the DES Legacy Fund are eligible to receive tax receipts for anyone who contributes.

Sydney Ratzlaff, CFSEA Community Engagement Coordinator and Helene Nicholson, CFSEA Regional Development Coordinator accept the first donation for the Dunmore Equestrian Society (DES) Legacy Fund from donors DES President Kelly Creasy and his wife Sandy Creasy, along with Gerald Sept, representing Cypress County Community Fund – Photo by Susan Rex, The Buckin’ Photographer

The Dunmore Equestrian Society (DES) is a not-for-profit organization with a Board of Directors consisting entirely of volunteers. They are committed to building a world-class agricultural/equestrian facility. To ensure Dunmore Equestrian’s financial sustainability, the Board of Directors recognized the importance of establishing a Legacy Fund with the Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta (CFSEA). The DES Legacy Fund’s principal will never be spent, rather, it will grow over time, with interest, providing a source of lasting support for the Dunmore Equestrian Society.


“Thank you to Kelly and Sandy for being the first donors to the DES Legacy Fund. We look forward to growing your fund together with you and your Dunmore Equestrian team.”  – Helene Nicholson, Regional Development Coordinator, CFSEA.


To learn more or donate to the DES Legacy Fund, connect with CFSEA by calling 403.527.9038 or donate here.


For more information, please contact:

Chris Christie, Interim Executive Director

Chris@cfsea.ca 403.527.9038