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The Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta announced the establishment of the first Advisor Managed Endowment Fund (AMEF).

The Estate of Alexander McDougald has established an Advisor Managed Endowment Fund to be locally managed by the National Bank Financial Wealth Management in Medicine Hat.

“The Advisor Managed Endowment Fund is an excellent solution for community-minded local residents wishing to leave a lasting legacy while continuing to maintain relationship with trusted local financial advisors. The AMEF program has provided a critical bridge between CFSEA and the local investment community by creating an environment where, we as advisors, can recommend our clients speak with the CFSEA when planning for charitable giving. By involving CFSEA, our clients are able to give direction and have a clear vision for where their gifts will specifically help their community – that takes the conversation beyond dollars and cents. We are proud and humbled to be trusted with the investment management of the McDougald Estate Advisor Managed Endowment Fund and to help carry on the wonderful legacy that Alex and Jean left for our community.” – Connelly Sherwick & Calvin MacPhail, Investment Advisors, National bank Financial Wealth Management

Advisor Managed Endowment Funds allow donors to maintain the trusted relationship with their financial advisor while working with CFSEA to create a platform to accomplish their philanthropic wishes. Together with their advisor, donors may choose their portfolio makeup, within the guidelines stipulated by CFSEA and the Investment Advisor Agreement.

The Alexander McDougald Advisor Managed Endowment Fund was established as a Smart and Caring Fund which will help support our community’s greatest needs, today, tomorrow, forever.

Contact your Financial Advisor for next steps and advice or connect with CFSEA to learn more – niki@cfsea.ca or 403-527-9038.