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Office Guidelines

To prepare our visitors, our staff and our office to provide the safest environment possible, the following steps are being taken for the prevention of Covid 19:


  • Office remains open by appointment only, please call the office prior to visiting.
  • Masks are now mandatory within the office.
  • A maximum of two staff will be in the office at one time.



  • Maintaining a 2 metre separation between individuals (e.g., workers, volunteers and patrons) will be maintained as much as possible.
  • Number of visitors to this office will be limited to two at any given time.
  • Staff are available to meet visitors on sidewalk outside of building should an exchange of documents or extended discussion be required.



  • Door handles, light switches, countertops, desk tops, tables, phones, keyboards, mouse and chairs are cleaned daily with disinfecting wipes
  • For any document signing, visitors will be provided with a sanitized pen after staff have used hand sanitizer themselves.
  • Staff wash hands after using washroom and use anti-bacterial gel upon re-entering office from outside
  • Garbage cans with disposable masks are emptied daily, all other garbage is emptied weekly.
  • Disposable towels, spray cleaners and anti-bacterial gel are available for visitors to use.
  • Any delivery orders are cleaned upon arrival and deliveries are left in the front part of the office until cleaned.
  • Countertops, pens and any objects used by visitors to office are cleaned immediately after their departure.



  • Visitors to the office will be offered a disposable mask and asked if they would prefer staff wear one as well. If they refuse a mask, staff will ensure the social distancing measures are followed.



  • Staff are responsible for the daily cleaning of their own office/areas. Cleaning of the common areas will be scheduled on a daily basis by the Executive Director.
  • The ED or designate may direst some staff to work from home in order to maintain social distancing measures and accommodate staff comfort levels.
  • Staff and visitors are responsible for reporting exposure to COVID and/or experiencing symptoms to CFSEA and Alberta Health Services.
  • Staff and visitors are responsible for following all protocols and guidelines as outlined here and our website cfsea.ca
  • If visitors refuse to comply with CFSEA Covid-19 Prevention Protocols, the Executive Director or designate will ask them to leave the building and make alternate arrangements (eg: video or telephone conference call, email communication etc).


Any concerns or questions regarding these guidelines, please contact Sue Edwards, sue@cfsea.ca

Or call the CFSEA office at 403.527.9038