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The Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta has released an Endowment Building Toolkit to assist non-profits and charities in establishing their own endowment fund.

MEDICINE HAT; August 3, 2023 – Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta

In 2022, The Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta received grant funding from the Government of Alberta’s Civil Society Fund for The Endowment Building for Sustainability Project. The goal for this project was to design and pilot an endowment building toolkit to assist non-profits and charities in establishing their own endowment fund by partnering with their closest geographical Community Foundation to ensure long-term, unrestricted funding.

Agency Endowment Funds provide organizations with a simple and efficient way to build capacity and sustainability. It is a safe and simple way for an organization to establish their own endowment.

Endowments ensure organizations have the capacity to focus on their mandate and the services they provide while avoiding continuous and exhaustive fundraising and grant writing. Agency Endowments provide an opportunity for philanthropists to contribute to the charities of their choice while investing into the long-term financial stability and future of the organization. Donors can be sure that the endowed fund’s principle will not be spent and can grow over time, providing a source of lasting support for the organization.

CFSEA currently works with over 20 agencies who have established endowment funds across the Southeast region along with four rural community endowment funds. Through this project, CFSEA will encourage and support charities and other qualified donees across Southeast Alberta who are interested in establishing an Agency Endowment Fund.

The toolkit was tested through four organizations and circulated to all Community Foundations in Alberta to ensure it was user-friendly, lucrative, and compatible for a variety of different communities, non-profits, and charities.
In August 2023 the toolkit was made available to all communities, non-profits and charities interested in establishing an endowment fund with their closest geographical Community Foundation. CFSEA will be hosting a training workshop in the Fall for organizations who are interested in learning more about how they can benefit from an Agency Endowment Fund. To sign up for the workshop or request a copy, please email Niki Gray at niki@cfsea.ca or download a free electronic copy of the toolkit here: Endowment Building Toolkit (Digital Version)

You may also view our online webinar featuring guest speakers from agency endowment fund holders, tax specialists, and community foundation representatives. Learn about the advantages of agency endowment funds, the process of establishing your own, receive guidance on managing these funds, and useful questions about endowment funds.



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Niki Gray
Executive Director