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Walt and Debbie Piper both grew up in the Brooks region where they first met in high school, and later reconnected through their careers. After marriage, they decided that Brooks was where they wanted to stay and raise their two wonderful sons. Since then, the Piper family has grown to include a daughter, two grandchildren, and two grand-dogs.

After Walt spent 30 years working at TC Energy and Debbie spent 36 years at the SPEC Association for Children and Families, they are now both retired. When they’re not busy babysitting their grandkids, Walt and Debbie can be found travelling to warm tropical places, enjoying kayaking and scuba diving, and passionately supporting their community.

In 2012, Walt and Debbie first became aware of the Community Foundation while Debbie was working with the SPEC Association where CFSEA supported various projects over the years. That same year, they made their first donation and CFSEA has been on their charity list ever since. When the Brooks and District Community Fund was established in late 2018, Walt and Debbie went a step further when they became Heritage Club members by adding provisions for the foundation in their wills, with funds designated to the Brooks and District Community Fund.

Walt and Debbie are proud to see their contributions at work in projects the Foundation has supported, such as the Eastbrook playground, EID Historical Park, social benefits of the Seniors Outreach Society wellness teas, Prairie Pioneers renovations, and many other CFSEA supported projects throughout the area.

“We love the idea that our donations continue to grow and create new revenue for distribution long after our donations. Our initial $50 donation in 2012 is still at work. And will forever be at work. – Walt and Debbie Piper

Debbie is also one of the original members of the local volunteer Advisory Committee for the Brooks and District Community Fund. She assists the Committee by providing valuable insight into the needs of our region. The Community Foundation is grateful for Walt and Debbie: donors, volunteers, and friends of the Foundation.

“Supporting the Community Foundation and the Brooks and District Community Fund is creating a gift that keeps on giving. Long after we are physically gone, revenues from our donations will continue to impact the community we love. We have so much to be thankful for, and we are happy and honoured to be able to give where we live and support the CFSEA, specifically, the Brooks and District Community Fund.” – Walt and Debbie Piper

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