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The Community Impact Award is a grant awarded to agencies that have innovative project ideas, demonstrate creativity and leadership, and support vibrant, healthy, and caring communities.

Are you a registered charity with a game-changing idea that has the potential to create positive, lasting change in our region?

The CFSEA’s Community Impact Award is one $25,000 grant, designed for agencies with innovative project ideas that show creativity and leadership in supporting a vibrant, healthy and caring community.       

Using information from CFSEA’s 2023 Vital Signs Report, projects that address the following priorities are invited to apply:

          * Work & Economy                
* Connection & Belonging      
* Basic Needs – Food, Housing, Heath


Please Note:

  • A final report will be due within 18 months of receiving the grant.
  • The recipient will have an opportunity to present on the impact of their project at the following year’s Vital event.

Deadline for applications is April 15th, 2024 at 4:30 pm.

1. Submit the grant application through the CFSEA grant portal: https://www.grantinterface.ca/Home/Logon?urlkey=cfsa 
2. The Community Leadership Committee will then review all applications and consider up to three (3) finalists to submit further information including a presentation to the committee. (If asked to present, a completed budget for the project will be required).
3. Please read the Impact Award application guidelines and ensure your organization and project meet the eligibility requirements: Guidelines

For more information on the process, watch our Community Impact Award Workshop: Community Impact Award Workshop 2023

If you do not know about our Grant Life Management (GLM), contact the office at (403) 527-9038 or send us an email at grants@cfsea.ca for more information.




Past Recipients of CFSEA's Community Impact Award
2023 Recipient

Farmers’ Market Food Money – $25,000

The Brooks Farmers’ Market received The Community Impact Award for their innovative and creative project called, “Brooks Farmers’ Market Money”. The Brooks Farmers’ Market collaborated with community organizations to identify individuals and families in need of financial assistance to purchase food. The Market Food Money was distributed monthly, enabling participants to choose what they would like to purchase. When given this freedom to choose, approximately 75% of the money was spent on fruits, vegetables, eggs, and protein. This freedom to choose provided a profound sense of dignity for those using the Market Food Money. 

2022 Recipient

Saamis Immigration Services Association – $30,000

The Circles of Care project is developing a coordinated approach to networking volunteers, community members, and service providers from which newcomer populations can draw and contribute to a range of necessary supports and assets. We’ve been able to connect and support people in the community who are passionate about supporting newcomers, but new to the experience.  We have learnt from successes and defined gaps in service provision, where our Circles of Care might support newcomers in becoming and feeling like a part of our community. This pilot project facilitated so far 5 separate Sharing Circles and engaged 45 community members in them. They became a source of connection between service providers, volunteers, hosts, educators, politicians, and newcomers themselves which contributed to the research and production of the Community Resource Guide. The project focuses on building mutually beneficial relationships for a strong community.

“The Sharing Circle was helpful as I was seeing roadblocks for Ukrainians and feeling worried. These gave me an opportunity to voice my concerns. The project was flexible and responsive to the needs of the community. The Resource Guide will be a safety net for people coming from Ukraine.” – Service Provider

“Regular outreach from Circles of Care established long term relationships. These relationships and personal contact are most important to newcomers, especially after COVID and in the digital age, so thank you for making me feel welcome.” – Newcomer

2021 Recipients

Our Collective Journey- $25,000

Our Collective Journey is an addiction recovery organization dedicated to “strengthening our community through the power of shared experience.” OCJ is also committed to eliminating the stigma surrounding particular issues that keeps individuals from
seeking help and instead, normalizing these issues by sharing and discussing their experiences.

“Since being chosen as recipients of the 2021 Community Impact Award, we have been able to begin providing select individuals the appropriate, professional training to become OCJ Recovery Coaches. OCJ Recovery Coaches listen, normalize feelings, and provide a
strengths-based approach for a more fulfilling future. This award will continue to assist us in getting more individuals trained as OCJ Recovery Coaches, helping us meet the ever-increasing community need for addiction recovery support!” – Ryan Oscar, Director of Programming

Cypress View Foundation in partnership with Bike Medicine Hat- $25,000

Bike Medicine Hat is an organization aimed at creating a community where cyclists of all ages and abilities can cycle safely, efficiently, and comfortably to their destination. Bike Medicine Hat has established a chapter of Cycling Without Age which provides seniors or those with mobility challenges the opportunity to go for rides on a specially designed trishaw bike operated by a volunteer pilot.

“We knew that Cycling Without Age is a wonderful program and that there had been a few different people inquire about bringing it to Medicine Hat, but the upfront costs made it a challenge. With funding from CFSEA, we were able to order 2 bikes and all necessary materials
to begin operating in spring 2022. We are grateful for this opportunity to allow seniors to reconnect with their community.” – Carter Gramlich, Board Chair

2019 Recipient

Southeast Alberta Search and Rescue Association in collaboration with HALO- $25,000

SEASAR (Southeast Alberta Search and Rescue) is an association dedicated to finding lost persons in Medicine Hat Alberta and the surrounding regions. HALO offers the only dedicated medevac helicopter for Southern Alberta and Southwest Saskatchewan. This grant will allow SEASAR to purchase proper protective gear such as personal helments with integrated communication, image stabilizing binoculars, eye protection, and specific radios for aviation. Due to the speed the helicopter can travel and the remoteness of the region, SEASAR will also purchase an InReach Satellite Communicator ensuring teams deployed by helicopter have a reliable way of contacting their team. The remaining funds will be provided to HALO.

“In the past, HALO has covered the cost of the use of their helicopter to train SEASAR’s volunteers. With this grant, we hope to secure 3 years of our comprehensive training with them and to help off-set the costs related to it. It is a great partnership, and one that we are thankful the CFSEA has recognized.” – Paul Carolan, President of SEASAR Board of Directors

Past Recipients of CFSEA's Vital Impact Grants
2017 Recipients

Fresh Start to School- $5,000
Take away items for distribution: BBQ hosting

McMan Youth Family & Community Services Association- $2,000
Outdoor BBQ and Community Gathering area for homeless youth apartment building

Medicine Hat & District Food Bank- $10,000
Contribution to wages of their system Navigator

Medicine Hat Early Childhood Coalition- $2,700
Play Guides

Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter- $4,000
Men and Boys messaging and education to prevent family violence

No Stone Left Alone- $1,000
Honoring Fallen Soldiers with poppies on Gravestones

SPEC Association for Children and Families- $8,038
Multi-Cultural Arts project to integrate Brooks’ citizens from around the world

2016 Recipients

Catholic School District- $10,000
Fresh Start to School

Dutchess Ag Society- $4,150
Dutchess Hockey Club

Medicine Hat and District Food Bank- $15,000
Food First Project

Medicine Hat Early Childhood Coalition- $3,875
Roving Gyms

St. John’s Church- $1,500
Project Connect

2015 Recipients

Early Childhood Development Coalition- $8,000
Roving Gyms Program ($8,000)

Medicine Hat and District Food Bank- $15,000
Food First Pilot

Medicine Catholic School Board- $10,000
Fresh Start to School ($10,000)

Medicine Hat Public Library- $3,000
Tic Tac Teen Program

Medicine Hat Public Library- $1,500
Post Teen Program

Shortgrass Library System (Bow Island)- $1,500
Teen Programming Kit

2014 Recipients

Brooks Public Library- $1,500
Teen Advisory Board

Margery E. Yuill Cancer Centre- $7,000
Transportation for Patients ($7000)

McMan Youth Centre- $5,200
Youth Food Security Program

Medicine Hat Early Childhood Coalition- $8,800
Roving Gyms ($8800)

Medicine Hat Public Library- $1,500
Tic Tac Teen Program

Medicine Hat Public Library- $1,500
Post Teens Program

Shortgrass Library- $1,500
Teen Programming Kits