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YiP Overview & Criteria 2022

Building tomorrow’s philanthropists today.


Each year, dozens of students in school leadership classes or youth comittees participate in this innovative program to engage local youth in the world of philanthropy. CFSEA’s Youth in Philanthropy (YiP) program is a leadership development initiative where students learn about critical issues in their community.


Participating schools form a student-led committee that oversees the allocation of $1,000 –  $2,000 in grants to local charitable organizations. The school-based model allows the program to reach youth from a variety of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. The best part about the program is the schools decide how the program will run, how many members it will have and who will be involved. The benefits of participating in YiP are long lasting. Students will gain analytical skills, appreciation of philanthropy, community leadership, and teamwork skills to support their future endeavous.


Yearly Grant Recipients:

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YiP Overview & Criteria

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