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CFSEA is proud to offer resources and guidance to help donors create a customized plan that will cater to their philanthropic priorities and preferences.

The giving plans and funds we set up are as different and varied as the donors we work with. We provide a way for anyone to create a lasting legacy for their  community.

Some of the options we offer include: accepting cash, publicly-traded shares, appraisable goods or life insurance policies. The donor also has as much or as little input as they want regarding which charities benefit from their philanthropy. With no obligation or start up fees, the focus is truly on honouring the philanthropic wishes of every donor.  By creating an endowment with the CFSEA, donors know their gifts will be carefully and professionally invested for the long term and ensure a lasting gift for the lives that follow.

Compassion – Cause – Community.  Our donors care about the charities that enhance their community.  The positive impact of their donations are so inspiring!  Under one umbrella, the Community Foundation can disburse your fund’s investment income to a diverse range of registered charities.

Personalized Service

Each fund is customized to the donor’s vision and goals. We will help you build a fund that makes a difference – your way.

Building the Tradition of Caring

Families are planning philanthropic gifts together as an expression of shared values, as a way of teaching their children about social responsibility and taking pride in their family legacy. Philanthropy – make it a proud family tradition to be passed on through the generations!

Tax Benefits

We understand tax rules for giving. We will simplify the process for you and help you maximize your tax savings.

Planned Giving

Many who are generous in life choose to continue this tradition by including the CFSEA in their will as a bequest. By working closely with donors’ lawyers, accountants and other professional advisors, a donor’s legacy can continue for generations to come.





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