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LEGACY CLUB – making a gift today!

Legacy Club

Created in 2005 (Alberta’s Centennial Year) the Legacy Club provides an opportunity for everyone to create and build their own community legacy.

The Legacy Club runs each calendar year and is simple, unique and lasting. A Legacy Club membership can commence with as little as $500 received by December 31st.  With your consent, your name is listed as a Legacy Club member in our annual report.  

Once Legacy Club donations exceed $1,000, the funds are placed in an endowment named by the donor. For example, it could be a family or business name or perhaps it could be in memory of a loved one. Your fund is pooled together with other donations and invested. The investment income is then allocated to the charity(s) of your choice, or used to make grants to local Southeastern Alberta charities. The original gift is never touched and becomes a never ending source of income for the community – a true legacy.

The type of endowment can be chosen depending on the size of the gift as follows:

Pledged Fund (minimum $500)
Allows a named fund of any category to be created. A pledged fund requires regular contributions until the desired amount is achieved. No disbursements are made until a minimum of $1,000 is reached.

Smart & Caring Community Fund (minimum $1,000)
Undesignated gifts, both large and small, are combined and the investment income is distributed through a grant application process. This fund ensures that supports are available to address the changing needs of the community for generations to come.

Designated Fund (minimum $5,000)
You choose a favourite registered charity and the investment income from your fund is distributed to that charity in your name every year.

Field of Interest (minimum $10,000)
The Foundation will direct the income from your fund to the most pressing need in your particular area of interest e.g. arts; youth; environment; health.

Donor Advised (minimum $15,000)
You advise the Foundation each year as to which charitable organizations are to benefit from your fund’s investment income. You have the opportunity to change your focus every year. This is an ideal way to involve the whole family or all the employees of a business.

Contact us today and become a Legacy Club member.

If you are interested in leaving a future gift to the CFSEA through your estate, visit our Heritage Club page for details, or contact us.