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What is an Endowment?

In an endowment, all donations are pooled and permanently invested as capital.  The annual investment income earned is used for charitable purposes – either at the direction of the donor to the charities they designate, or through a grant making process.


Why an Endowment?

Establishing an endowment at CFSEA is free of charge and allows donors to support Southeastern Alberta’s needs in a lasting way that matches the donor’s wishes. There are considerable tax benefits for individuals who donate to an Endowment Fund, especially in Alberta.

There are two ways to contribute to an Endowment Fund:

1) Make a contribution today – click here

2) Make a future gift in your estate plans – click here for more information


There a number of options for your donation to be allocated within CFSEA’s Endowment Fund:

Smart & Caring Fund:

Smart & Caring Funds respond to the ever-changing needs of our region now and for generations to come. Investment income is distributed through a granting process. Any size donation is welcome, however you can create a named fund with a minimum gift of $1,000.


Designated Fund:                                                                                                                                                                        Minimum gift of $5,000

Choose your favourite registered charitable organization(s) and each year the investment income will be dispersed to that organization(s).


Field of Interest Fund:                                                                                                                                                             Minimum gift of $10,000

Field of Interest Funds support your charitable areas of interest, while still responding to our region’s greatest needs. Examples of Field of Interest include: arts, youth, seniors, health, environment, etc. CFSEA directs investment income to specific charities that deliver services in the donor’s chosen field(s).


Donor Advised Fund:                                                                                                                                                               Minimum gift of $15,000

Donors advise CFSEA each year as to which charitable organization(s) are to benefit from the investment income from their fund.  Donor Advised Funds allows the donor to change their philanthropic focus each year.


Scholarship Fund:                                                                                                                                                                     Minimum gift of $15,000

Donors can establish specific Scholarship Funds to support Southeastern Alberta students in their educational pursuits. Donors determine the scholarship criteria and specific school district(s). CFSEA issues the scholarship amount annually to that school district(s). The school district in turn selects the recipients based on the donor’s criteria.


CFSEA Operations Endowment Fund:

CFSEA has established an Operations Endowment Fund. Secure administrative funding is crucial to our continued growth, leadership and impact. We invite every donor to consider allocating a portion of their gifts to the sustainability of the Foundation in the range of 10-15%.


Agency Fund:

CFSEA manages two streams of Agency Funds:

1) Agency Endowment – Investment income from their permanently endowed funds are issued back to the agency.

2) Agency-Managed Funds – CFSEA holds agency funds on a temporary basis, allowing agencies to benefit from our investment management and administrative support. Click here for more information



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