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In 2018, the Community Foundation established the first three community funds to serve the charitable needs of specific geographical regions within Southeastern Alberta. By 2021, the impact these funds had on their regions inspired the fourth community fund to serve Cypress County. These permanent endowment funds were established by local residents and enable the community to ‘give where you live’. They operate using the Community Foundation’s charitable status, administration, and financial supports.

What is a Community Fund and How Does it Work?

  • Community members donate to the Community Fund in their region to create and grow a permanent endowment.
  • This pool of donations is invested with a professional advisor
  • Every year, in perpetuity, earnings from the investments are used to help support projects and programs within the specific community.
  • Local charities apply to the Community Foundation to receive funding through the online grant portal.
  • Qualified donees are eligible for direct granting dollars.
  • Not for profit societies can partner with a qualified donee to apply for grants through an afflation process (see Community Grants for more information). 
  • A local Advisory Committee in each area lead the direction of the fund and make recommendations for grant allocations.
  • Funds are granted to local charities so they can help support a vibrant, healthy, and caring community – forever!


Community Funds support local charitable needs. The established funds are:

Cypress County Community Fund

Cypress County

P: 403.527.9038

E: CypressCountyFund@cfsea.ca

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Brooks & District Community Fund

County of Newell  

Nicole Nichols – Community Fund Coordinator   

P: 403.376.8884

E: BrooksDistrictFund@cfsea.ca

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Prairie Crocus Community Fund

Special Areas No. 2, 3, and M.D. of Acadia

P: 403.527.9038

E: PrairieCrocusFund@cfsea.ca

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With the support of an ECAP grant from the Government of Alberta, three community funds were established to serve the charitable needs of the County of Forty Mile, Brooks and District and Special Areas 2 & 3 and MD of Acadia.