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CFSEA connects issues, convenes partners and develops community-based solutions.

Vital Signs and Vital Conversations

This initiative serves as a tool to guide citizens to understand our region’s greatest successes and most pressing issues in order to effectively mobilize change and action. In-depth data collection and citizen interviews help us dive deep into our communities and priorities. Vital Signs helps our entire community stay informed so together we can best address the needs of today and prepare for the needs of tomorrow.

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Random Act of Kindness (RAK) Day

In the midst of our hectic, busy lives, CFSEA’s Random Act of Kindness Day gives us the “nudge” that reminds us to take a few moments to reach out to friends, family, coworkers, neighbours – even strangers – with acts of kindness. It is sometimes the simple things that can inspire and impact a community the most. Every November, the Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta celebrates this simple – yet extremely meaningful – initiative called Random Act of Kindness Day.

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Board Leadership

CFSEA is proud to be a sponsor of Board Leadership Southeast Alberta. This training event provides participants the opportunity to network, engage and gain knowledge/skills on various topics related to board governance, which only strengthens our valuable voluntary and not-for-profit sector.

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Vital Charity Hub

Our online database provides a resource that showcases the many volunteer opportunities to make a meaningful contribution to our community.You can also explore the many programs of our local charities!

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National Philanthropy Day

November 15th is designated as National Philanthropy Day. Philanthropy is the love of humankind –  generosity and good will in action.   We are excited to celebrate NPD with a different activity each year – all focused on showcasing the activities – large and small – that contribute to vibrant, healthy, caring communities across southeastern Alberta!

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Food Systems Mapping Project

Loblaws Canada and Community Foundations Canada recently came together to fund five food systems enhancement projects across the country – and CFSEA was one of them! This partnership between Loblaw and CFC focused on supporting community foundation leadership in creating more healthy and resilient communities in the area of food systems.  The result was a mapping project that plots a wide variety of services, food sites and the city’s transportation system.

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Volunteer Coordination

Thank you to a grant from the Family Community Support Services, we are able to provide a volunteer program to centralize and deploy volunteers. The focus of the program is to support vulnerable residents in Medicine Hat in the wake of the pandemic.

Apply to become a volunteer or learn how you can stay connected to vital resources within our community of Medicine Hat!

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