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Loblaws Canada and Community Foundations Canada recently came together to fund five food systems enhancement projects across the country – and CFSEA was one of them! This partnership between Loblaw and CFC focused on supporting community foundation leadership in creating more healthy and resilient communities in the area of food systems.

Food systems encompass “all stages, process and activities from food production all the way to consumption, and eventually disposal of food products” (Source: Sustainable Cities Institute).

In consultation with a number of agencies and the literature review of food security issues in Medicine Hat, CFSEA embarked on a Food Systems Mapping Project that would assist all organizations work more collaboratively and provide information of where and how to allocate their resources to best meet the needs of our community’s most vulnerable citizens.

The Food Map below encompasses Medicine Hat, Redcliff and Dunmore. Users can select any or all of the icons in the legend to find the location and nature of food related services and other relevant information such as public transportation routes.

A survey of all agencies providing food related services was also conducted.

In addition to the grant funding and support provided by Loblaw and Community Foundations Canada, CFSEA gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Cape Breton University (Laura Syms) and members of the Food Connection Network.

Please note that CFSEA was responsible for the original development of this map.  The Community Food Connections Association is taking the lead in adding information and keeping the map current.  Their coordinator can be reached at 403.502.6096.  www.foodconnections.ca 

 How to use the food system map;

– Click on the icon in the top left corner of the map to select the Legend

– Click on the icons that are not relevant to your search

– Use the plus and minus icons to zoom in and out