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Vital Signs is a periodic check-up that measures the vitality of our communities – gathering data and sparking conversation about significant social and economic trends to tell the story of how we are faring in key quality-of-life areas.  Vital Signs aims to inspire civic engagement,  provide focus for public debate and to mobilize the power of community knowledge for greater local impact.  Residents, businesses, community organizations, educational institutions and government leaders use the information in Vital Signs to take action and direct resources where they will have the greatest impact.

Vital Conversation is a facilitated discussion with community members to learn more about the social and economic trends impacting local quality of life. The conversations are often used as a starting point to identify local priorities and mobilize a community into action.  Vital Conversations can serve as a springboard to strengthen local relationships, develop new partnerships and determine funding priorities.

Vital Signs Quality of Life Indicators:

Vital Conversations 2018 (held October 4th) explored community issues, opportunities, and solutions related to these nine pillars (for more detailed information, relevant links are attached):

The information and data gathered at Vital Conversation 2018 will help guide the strategic planning and service delivery of many of our community’s service providers and charities, as well as guide our Community Foundation for future granting priorities.

A Vital Conversation Report will be distributed throughout the area in early 2019.  It will have an electronic and print reach of over 3500. Initial information gathered can be found below;

Survey data with responses and background

Participant Package

What We Heard

Upcoming Conversations

What areas are covered?

The focus for our reports and conversations may vary from year to year but geographically is contained within the Southeastern Alberta region.



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