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The Community Foundation of Medicine Hat and Southeastern Alberta (CFSEA) is thrilled to have been selected by the Government of Alberta as a trusted partner to facilitate a nomination process by selecting recipients from across the region to be awarded a Platinum Jubilee Medal.

The Jubilee year will see 7,000 Medals awarded to worthy recipients from across Alberta. The Province is taking this opportunity to recognize the outstanding service of many Albertans who, like The Queen, have dedicated themselves to the service of family, community, and country.

CFSEA is requesting the public’s participation by nominating worthy recipients from across Southeast Alberta to receive a Platinum Jubilee Medal. The deadline to submit nominations is Friday, November 18th at 4:30 pm. Please note, individuals are not able to know they are being nominated.

The Medal may be awarded to a person who:
– is a Canadian citizen or has permanent resident status in Canada;
– was alive on February 6, 2022, and
– has made a significant contribution to Canada or a particular region of Alberta, community or field.

Within these criteria, there should be a particular focus on choosing individuals who:
– are leaders in their community;
– have made a significant impact on the local level; and
– are chosen from across Alberta.